Heyy cuties.  My passion is cosmetology. Always has been and it will always be my creative outlet. I am a very caring person.. Its a gift and a curse lol, so feel free to ask questions and for advice on any topic anytime. Not just beauty tips. =] Any product that I review will have my honest opinion, good or bad. Any thing that I post is personal and coming from the heart. And I hope that this blog can do someone some good, or interest at least one person out there.

Random Facts About Me

I'm a Pisces.
I am biracial: Mom is black, dad is white.
I love to laugh.
I can daydream for hours.
I have a million different sides to my personality.
I have a hard time realizing when I am being too nice to someone.
I am often taken advantage of.
I am a perfectionist.
I have always had issues with my weight and also anxiety.
I love to do artsy things; crafts, drawing, painting, even coloring...
I love kids.
I love animals.
I love my family.
I"m learning to love myself.
I am a very positive and optimistic person, which actually annoys a lot of people. Haha
I'm sensitive.
I'm opinionated and very headstrong. And I always speak my mind.
I can feel emotions of people around me and relate to anyone in any situation.
Sometimes I can be too blunt when Im talking and I don't realize how straightforward I'm being. 
I am obsessed with Christmas. 
I want to own a salon one day, and also be a nurse or a nutritionist. (I'm working on those things)
I am an open book. 
I love to take photos and secretly wish I as a legit photographer. 
I am really touchy about my work so any hair, makeup, nails, etc. that I share I am afraid of it being judged.
I believe in ghosts.
I am sarcastic a lot of the times.
When I'm around certain people I tend to have a potty mouth. *Oopsy*
I am a huge believer in equality and human rights.

So I hope you all got to know me a little better and aren't now shying away from me. Hehehehe.. hee..hee...

Just a random photo that I took of a flower to brighten your day. :)

 Thank you for reading and stay happy and healthy.

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