Thursday, April 26, 2012

Galaxy Nails

Heyyo everyone!!! 

So late last night, I decided to try out a nail design that is currently trending, and  that I truly find adorable!

The type of design is clearly inspired by the look of the Galaxy, and for obvious reasons, called Galaxy Nails. I am not quite sure where this trend originated, or who was the first person to try them, but I can tell you that I am seeing so many different versions of this fun, and creative look.

 I give many props to the original artist!! I loved how these nails turned out, so I wanted to share with you all just how I did mine. 

They were very easy to do, this was my first time and I think they look pretty good. Okay, so I hope you all enjoy and if you decide to try it, send me pictures of your version of Galaxy Nails. 
This is the final look and how they turned out. Super fun and cute!!

So the first thing that I did, (after buffing my nails) was apply a clear base coat to protect my nails from staining and to help the polish last much longer.
02 Rehydrating Base Coat by Sassi

Then, I applied two coats of this shimmery black polish by Sally Hansen. The polish does NOT have to have shimmer, I just had this laying around and I thought it would be appropriate for this design. I would like to advise you to wait AT LEAST fifteen minutes in between coats to let each layer dry.
Black Diamond by Sally Hansen

Once the black was dry, I took a dark blue polish, dropped some on a random piece of cardboard, and used a corner of a disposable sponge applicator to pick up the color.
Starling by Funky Fingers

Using the sponge applicator, I lightly applied the dark blue color in random spots around each nail.

I repeated the same steps using a more royal blue color..
Frostbite by China Glaze

And then again using orange,
Sun Worshiper by China Glaze

Envied by Fresh Paint

and this beautiful, shimmery blue/green color that I love oh-so much!
Glee by Jesse's Girl
After adding all of the layers of colors, I took a small about of white polish, dipped a tooth pick in it, and used the tip to make small round dots, spread out over the nail. Be as random as possible, and you don't need to make too many.

Then, once everything was dry, I applied a coat of glitter polish,
Kaleidoscope by Wet n Wild

and I added a few individual stars on the nail before the polish was dry.

After adding a top coat, I needed to clean up the mess I made on the edges of my nails. (It was my right hand -.-) So I poured a small amount of nail polish remover into the cap,

picked up the liquid with a cotton swab, and cleaned up the excess polish.

So this is the final look of how it turned out. Like I said before it was easy as pie, and definitley a design worth trying. 
I hope you liked, or that this was helpful in any way. Thanks so much for viewing My version of Galaxy Nails.

Please check in frequently, I would really appreciate it.
Take care and be happy:)

I would like to add the fact that I am not affiliated or sponsored by any product or brand mentioned in this blog. I am just giving my personal opinion on any and all items mentioned. :) 


  1. damn jen thats a long ass process lmao. do some of the other nail types you do like the bears andwhat not

    1. I will! And its not so bad if you have the time though... its worth it!

  2. omg I love galaxy nails :)
    the result came out perfectly!!

  3. Absolutely loving this!! May have to copy and try to recreate it!! :)

    1. Aww, I hope so!! Let me know how it turns out if you do!! <3

  4. Interesting :D