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International Beauty Show New York and Haul!!!

Heyyo!! I am terrible at updating this blog, it’s awful! So I've been meaning to update everyone on my weekend from a few weeks ago (OMG!!), specifically Sunday, April 22. I was fortunate enough to go to New York City and attend the International Beauty Show. I had SUCH a fun time, I got to see so many interesting things, great products and fun gimmicks that some companies used to attract attention. It was really a blast and I have never felt more "at home" then when I was surrounded by so many people that were interested in what I love. I went there with the intent to absorb information, learn things and to just take in the new experience. I didn't really intend on buying much, or blowing tons of money. I did however, manage to get a good deal of things (along with a few samples), and I am going to share the products with you all. I would like to mention that this is not in any way a review of these products, I didn't have a chance to use many of them yet... but in the future I hope to share my opinions on some of the things that I mention. Feel free to ask for a review/opinion on any particular products that interest you.
entering the show

There were so many people, it felt as chaotic as this looks

Ahh, where to start?!?!? Okay, so going to the IBS I didn't really know what to expect. I have never been to any type of expo, although it has been my dream to go to IMATS for a while now (I'm sure I'll go some time in the near future). So in comparison to all of the information I have researched on IMATS, the IBS is quite similar, only.... minus the makeup:( Don't get me wrong, there were booths set up selling makeup and a couple application classes that were makeup related, but the show is focused mainly around hair. There were stages set up with hair dressers teaching other stylists how to style and use the latest hair care products and tools. Models sat on stages being the main focus for tutorials, and some stations even tried out their products on customers and potential sponsors. I remember in particular there was a company that sold hair feathers, tinsel, hair jewelry and two-toned clip in hair extensions, and they were applying tinsel and hair jewelry to customers interested in buying their products. It was pretty cool to watch.
main hair stage

Can you believe these brave ladies were on stilts?!?
One of the most exciting things to watch had to be the Dinair Airbrush area, where they gave free makeovers, cool airbrushed hair, fantasy hair and makeup, and even 3D hair art!!

Dinair station

some of the beautiful fantasy hair

3D hair art!!

Haul Time!!

One of my guilty pleasures in life, are nail products. I love nails polish, nail art and designs.  I am far from a professional, and anything I do on my nails (9 times out of 10), I cannot recreate on someone else's nails.

{{So big props to any and all nail artists and manicurists.}}

Anywho... there were equal stations set up for nails and makeup alike. So I did indulge in a fewww nail products that were just too cheap to pass by. I got a few new nail clippers($1 each), a base coat($2), a buffer($1), some art brushes($1 each), and some 3d nail art($1 each…super cute btw!). I also got a few design polishes in colors that I didn't have($2, b5g1). So I definitely didn’t spend tooo much on nails :)
3D nail art

design polishes

The only makeup products that I purchased were the Giselle Cosmetics (GC) Mineral makeup stacks($30 for 1/b2g2 free), lashes(Sassi-$1!!), a couple of brushes(Crown brushes-$2 each), and a beauty blender(Crown-$9). I got two stacks of the GC and each came with 8 shadows. There was a Naked Cosmetic station area set up with similar products, however GC offered a better deal, and had beautiful colors. So I decided to buy them. The cool thing about this makeup is that it can be used in many different ways. You can turn it into a lip gloss, nail polish, mascara, etc., so they can be very versatile.
Giselle Mineral Makeup Stacks

Sassi Lashes (only $1!!)
Crown Beauty Blender
Crown Brushes ($2 each)

As far as hair goes, I only purchased a mini straightener (Magma-$10), and a MorrocanOil Intense Hydrating Mask ($15!!!!). ßThat was a STEAL!


hydrating mask

So the things that I got for free all pertain to hair care. The thing I was most excited about was the MorrocanOil treatment samples that were being given away. Everyone and their mommas were trying to grab one or two of these bags. I got one and it had 2 small samples of both the regular oil treatment, and the light version. (0.34 Fl.OZ/10 ml). They smell AMAZING!! And feel so great in my hair. I am in love. I also got a full size bottle of Vodana Pro Magic Dioscorea Japonica Root Extract Therapy.(8.53 OZ) I got about 8 different sample packs of a variety of things from Miss Jessie's hair care line, and I also got some packets from Agadir Argan Oil. (Which I love as well...)
MorrocanOil Treatments

Vodana Repair Cream

One of the 8 sample packs from Miss Jessie's

Okay, so in general I feel like I got a good amount of items, definitely things that I have been enjoying, and am excited about trying. But I have to say, even if I didn't get any actual items, I would have still enjoyed going just as much. I had a great time, I learned some things, and I was in awe at others. Beauty and fashion surrounded the convention and it was a thrill to experience a taste of New York, and all that the beauty industry has to offer even for just one day.

Extra Pictures..
entering the Lincoln Tunnel


the outside of the convention

Bye-bye New York.... Until next time:(


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