Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life...and Instagram :)

Hey Everyone!
Okay so I say this in every post, but I'll say it again.. Sorry for the lack of blog updates. I really want to only post things that I take my time to work on. I like to triple check for spelling errors, make sure I "dot my i's" and "cross my t's" and present my thoughts in an organized way. That requires a bit of time and energy, so when I'm fresh out of both... I stay away from Blogger. I don't want to post things just for the hell of it and I don't like when I'm reading something and it feels rushed so I wouldn't write anything like that.. at least not intentionally. So basically what I'm saying is I would rather have fun when I do this and post QUALITY over QUANTITY!! 

Moving on, part of the reason for me checking out of Blogger is because I have been a sickly pile of sick and it is not cute, nor fun. I believe I'm getting better, but it could just be an illusion because of how BADLY I wish I was. Nothing too serious though.

Another part, I have been spending a lot of time with my family lately. I have a ton of siblings, and lately it has been really cool spending time with people that I love and can't stand.. haha. BBQs, pool parties, laughing, arguing... its very exhausting really. LOL :P

I promise I will be doing many more posts coming up soon because I am on break from school for the summer. So there will be plenty of time to go explore some new/old beauty products and come on here to tell you alll about it!!! 

For now, the best way for any kind of update, or social networking from me, would be through the infamous INSTAGRAM. I absolutely love Instagram! At first it annoyed me because I felt like it lagged on my phone.. but after re-installing it, I am hooked! It is a really great way to share photos, to get to know people, and to be creative. So if you don't have one, and you love to take pictures I would highly recommend it. And if/when you do, come and follow me!! @jennybo0o
Here's what I've been posting lately...

Be sure to keep checking in and please bare with me.

Until next time...

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