Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Beauty Items

So for ladies (and gents) that are new to the world of makeup and beauty products, and even for the well experienced shoppers out there, I have noticed that there are certain things that get in the way of a good shopping experience. Here is a list of some possible solutions that could potentially help make our shopping process a little smoother.

1. Create a List 

When going into a store like Sephora, or Mac, (or hell, even Rite Aid) the amount of beauty supplies you encounter can be quite overwhelming to say the least. It’s like a beautiful dream of products that surround you, and if you don’t have an exact idea of what you’re there for, then it can quickly start to feel like a beautiful episode of Hoarders and THERE IS NO ESCAPE. I’m sure we've all done it, walk in there for one pair of lashes and come running out bursting with joy holding 5 colored eyeliners and a pack of gum.... (But they were on sale!!) I swear, they get me every time. A lot of times I can not make a decision to save my life. I have this weird fear of making the wrong choice so my amazingly genius brain decides to just shut off and not make one at all. It’s kind of a curse... You should see me in an actual crisis. It is not pretty... there’s usually drool... haha JK ;)

Know what you want before you go to the store. You should have at least a general idea of the items you want. Whether it is strictly foundation, lashes, mascara, etcetera. If it’s foundation, try to think about your skin type, and whether you want a full coverage foundation or more of a sheer finish. Narrow it down as best as you can to save time. Going into a store, Ulta for example, it could literally take hours to find the perfect item. Sometimes, you may not even find anything. It is so easy to waste time in there if you are lost or unsure. It might also be beneficial to take a look at the store website before leaving to get an idea of what items they have. And for goodness sake write it down!! Just like when you’re food shopping, a list is essential. It will be your compass in the land of all things beautiful. Let your list be your guide and write anything that might help to keep it specific. Details, other items you’ve considered, the more specific the better.

2. Prioritize 

Obviously, even though it may not feel this way, beauty items are not NECESSITIES! And sometimes I really want to get something, but funds are needed elsewhere... and I have to take a step back, slap my hand and put it down. It’s better to wish you had the perfect foundation then to wish you paid the electricity bill. Keep it cute.. but it won’t matter what you look like once the lights are off.

Make sure that all of your finances are in check before splurging on the more materialistic items. I’m sure this is an obvious idea, but sometimes we need to be reminded that nail polish and lipstick don’t pay the bills. Okayyyyy. Lol

3. Plan Ahead and Take Your Time 

Going to the mall for the day, could become your boyfriend or husbands worse nightmare after being stuck in a makeup store for hours at a time. And constantly hearing "Babe, are you done?" ........ "What could you possibly need that for?"...... or my personal favorite, "I’m going to go wait for you in the car!" ....... can become the most irritating buzz in your ear while trying to focus on the important matters at hand. Shopping, DUH!! Also, interruptions can’t totally set you back and distract you from making decisions. Silly things like, your best friend calling you for advice or having to go pick up your kids from school. So inconvenient.

Try to plan the trip ahead of time, when your schedule is clear and you don’t have a ton of things lined up within the same time frame. It is hard to have a good experience, or make the right choices when being rushed. Bring someone with you someone who wants to be there, is going to help you, is actually going to have fun, and/or won’t try to unfriend you, undate you, or unfamilymember you. Lol it could happen…

4. Ask For Help 

Okay, sometimes we're stubborn Know-it-Alls that are ohh soo intelligent and couldn’t be paid to ask for help. Then there is that time when the woman at Sephora has a bright blue eye shadow with enough bronzer to accommodate the entire cast of the jersey shore, and the whitest pink lipstick you ever did see. (we are all beautiful in our own way..) So asking for help or advice is not always the first thing on our minds.

Swallow your pride and ask for help. There are a ton of employees at beauty store who are so full of knowledge and actually eager to give it to you and help steer you in the right direction. Okay, there may be a few that make you wonder “How the hell did you get hired here”, but the vast majority get hired based on there people skills, and knowledge of makeup and beauty products. So fish around and if the first associate you had didn’t help you, most likely you’ll find someone who will.

Bonus: Shopping Online
If you're an online shopper and you want to branch out to beauty items for the first time... this could be amazingly amaze balls, or it could be the surest and fastest road on the sad, destructive ride right into DEBT Ville.

Follow all of the above and also.... spend some more time looking around the wonderful world of the Internet for ways to save money. There are some advantages to shopping online that stores just don’t offer. One great benefit would be that certain websites offer specials and online coupons or codes that can save a good percentage of your money. Some sites are set up so that when buying items through their site, you get rewarded money back, or having your friends purchase because of you could even get you things for free.

A few popular sites are:

I would like to add the fact that I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any product,brand, or site mentioned in this blog. I am just giving my personal opinion on any and all items mentioned. :) 


  1. ha I didnt even know you posted on my twitter about this :) good information and stuff I like how you layed it out and what not :)

  2. Thanks doll! :) Are you still posting? Hope so.