Thursday, December 12, 2013

Easy, Trendy Nail Art

Nail Art Pictorial

If you would like to achieve this nail look, follow the instructions below. =D

  • To get the best, cleanest look with your nail art, you always want to be sure to prep your nails to the best of your ability. Start out with a clean, manicured set of nails.

  • Before applying color, always make sure to use a base coat to protect your nails and to avoid staining.

  • Once your nails are ready, you can begin to apply 2-3 coats of polish, letting them dry fully in between each coat. (Thumb & index finger: Yellow, middle finger: pale pink/nude, ring finger: silver, pinky: hot pink/fuchsia)

  • When the polish dries, the fun part begins!! On your yellow thumbs paint a little more than half of it with a nice coat or 2 of the hot pink color. It does not have to perfect. Allow it to dry.

  • Then use a thin striper to draw a white section in the center of the pink and yellow. It will kind of look like a candy corn.

  • To create the black lines, use a nail art brush and take your time. The pattern can be whatever you like it to be. Zebra, or just random lines.

  • The index finger: Using a nail dotting tool, or the end of a bobby/hair pin, make small and medium sized polka-dots. You can dip the dotting tool into black acrylic paint, or any black nail polish.

  • On the ring finger, use an assortment of medium and small, silver and pink rhinestones and cover the entire nail. For the pinky, I used silver rhinestone to create a triangle shape. (apply a clear coat of polish to your nails and then gently place rhinestones on the top of the wet nail.)

  • Lastly, apply a top coat, clean any excess polish from the cuticle or skin area, and apply cuticle oil. Then you're good to go!!

Thank you for checking out my nail art!! If you liked this pictorial please let me know in a comment below. Hope you enjoyed.


<3 Jenny


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