Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fun, Fabulous, Fall Nails

Nail Art Pictorial
  • So the first thing you always want to do before painting your nails, is to make sure you start out with a clean, prepped canvas. If you are working with your natural nails, give yourself a quick manicure. That includes cleaning your cuticles, shaping your nails, buffing and cleaning under the free edge etc.. I personally am working with artificial add ons (acrylic tips) that I do myself. If you're working with acrylic nails you want to make sure they are refilled and ready to go.

  • So before you put polish on your nails, you always want to add a base coat to avoid any staining to your natural nails. I apply a base coat to my acrylic nails because I change polish often and staining isn't too appealing.

  • Once you've applied a base coat, you can then begin to add colored polish. I chose a gold, purpley/maroon, black, and a rosey gray color for my nails.

  • Apply 2-3 very thin coats, letting each coat dry about 10-15 minutes before applying the next. This will help avoid your polish being too thick, and that ANNOYING smudging!!

  • Next, to achieve a basic cheetah/leopard print nail design on the middle and ring fingers, I created small "round-ish" spots on my nails. I randomly placed them and spread them out so that I had room to add the black outlining. 

  • Then, using a small dotting tool (or the tip of a bobby/hair pin), start to paint uneven parentheses surrounding each spot. Keep in mind that you want your parentheses to have a random wiggle to it so it can look more natural. Also, add black dots in open areas on the nail.

  • For the pinky finger, I used a gold nail art brush to draw 4 vertical lines. Then on my index finger I decided to go with a "Chevron/Charlie Brown shirt" design using the same nail art brush.

  • Give your nails plenty of time to dry, then add a top coat. Clean any excess polish on the edges of your nails. Nourish your cuticles with cuticle oil and you're good to go.

Thank you for checking out my nail art!! If you liked this pictorial please let me know in a comment below. Hope you enjoyed.


<3 Jenny

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