Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nail Polish and Nail Art Storage

Collection and Storage

So here's just one way that I have stored my nail polish/art collection. I have actually moved out of my apartment since these photos were taken, but I do like how everything was set up so I figured I'd share. Ya never know, it might inspire someone else to reorganize their goodies. =D

Hopefully, once I am settled into my new place, I can store my nail stuff a little differently and share it all again!
So this acrylic nail stand was about $25 at a wholesale nail supply store. It holds approximately 90-100 polishes. I plan to buy 2 more soon, because I have gotten many more polishes since this photo was taken. :O
I store my art/manicure tools inside these small peach and black containers to help keeps things from getting mixed up and cluttered. They were about $1 for 3 at Dollar Tree. I've also seen them at Five Below.

In this other drawer I have some 3D nail art, extra buffers, and all of my top coats. There are a total of 3 drawers in this storage unit. and I bought them at Target. 

I keep these things inside my manicure table on the shelves. I keep acrylic, oils, sanitizer , alcohol, extra paper towels, lotions and some acrylic paint in here. :)
These flowers were just a little something to pretty-fy my manicure station, as well as the leopard lamp shade! BTW my manicure table was a custom made gift my my brother. :D
Business cards are from Vista Print
Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment and give some your own advice/tips to store beauty products. :)

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