Monday, January 7, 2013



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From January 7th (today) until January 13th 2013, ZOYA is having a special offer that allows us to get 3 FREE*** polishes!! Enter the code ZOYA2013 and only pay for shipping and handling! This is such an amazing offer!!

If you are interested in buying more then $25 worth of items (after already picking your favorite 3) you will receive FREE SHIPPING. [using the same code]

I heard of this offer a few days back and totally forgot about it. Thank goodness for Facebook because a friend reminded me and I rushed online to get in on this great deal.

I ended up purchasing $25 worth of items and got 3 free polishes, and no shipping! What a great deal. The colors I chose were:

Phoebe, Pippa, Gia, Mimi, Rina and the Armor Top Coat.

I'm so excited for them to come in. Maybe I'll do a review. Hurry up and get in on this offer too. Let me know which polishes you picked out. :)


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    1. It really was an amazing deal. I cant wait until another one comes along.:)

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